Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More evidence that Nixon was a sociopath- Part 2

And by the way, everything we have learned about Nixon suggests that it was a huge mistake for Ford to pardon him after he resigned, thus paving the way for him to become an elder statesman. He should have been indicted, tried, found guilty, and died in prison, preferably in that order but I'm not picky.

Ford's pardon of Nixon paved the road straight to our current reluctance to confront the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rice, Feith, González, Yoo, and the rest of the gang; we're still arguing about whether any of these thuggish goons should be held accountable for what they did over the last eight years. Without the precedent of Nixon walking away free and clear, the case would be easier to make.


  1. Getting back to my laminated chimp theory (with apologies to the chimpanzees), the general public seems so willing to open wide and swallow all sorts of hogwash. The president sends troops into wars that kill hundreds of thousands of people and somehow he (Nixon-Bush) manages to distract the public with arguments over ten commandments, bussing and gun ownership.

    Ooooh see sparkly thing! Ooooh! Me want sparkly thing!

    What a piece of work is man...!

  2. "What a piece of work is man...!"

    And don't forget woman: Condi Rice.


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