Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are Kentuckians brain-dead?

Why is it that Kentucky, the state I was born in, sends so many viciously sadistic Republican politicians to Washington?  We have beady-eyed Senator Mitch McConnell, who has lied time and time again in the "discussions" over reform of access to health care.  And now, we have another senator, Jim Bunning, who on Thursday single-handedly blocked the extension of unemployment benefits, saying to those about to lose this much-needed assistance, "tough shit."

It's depressing. I have wonderful childhood memories of my mother's home in Kentucky: spending the summer barefoot, fetching water from one of the village wells, swimming in the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy, collecting the polished and colorful river pebbles used for ballast on the railroad track, watching a talented uncle draw and paint.

Are Kentuckians this brain-dead, that they have to send these cretins to represent them?

At least there's still Colonel Sanders!

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