Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More on why we're all doomed

So, I met up with two (other) geezers in the park yesterday morning, and after a brief conversation while our dogs got acquainted, it emerged that they both think President Obama is a communist. Let me repeat that: They both think Obama is a communist. Let's see, this is a president who has pretty much caved to every slightest bit of pressure exerted on him by the corporate kleptocracy, and these loons think he's a communist! Of course, to be fair, maybe he really is a communist and he's just lulling the CEOs into a false sense of security. Somehow, though, I doubt it.

Then, when I get home, I turn on The Daily Show. I discover that FAUX News spokestroglodyte Glen Beck went on a rant against "progressivism" at the recent CPAC convention. Progressivism is basically using tax dollars, money collected from the people, for the public good. Like, you know, providing people with stuff (schools, roads, etc.) they might not be able to provide themselves with on their own. This is bad because... well, it's progressive.

Anyway, here's the good part. How did Beck learn about all this? By going to his local public library, where he was able to check out books for.... wait for it.....   Free! Because it's maintained by taxes!

Here's the link to Jon Stewart's take on all this, which he calls Rage Within the Machine- Progressivism.

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