Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring in the new!

This just in: A very baby Garter Snake (genus Thamnophis) cornered by our fierce terrier, Tinker Belle, this morning in the backyard.  After the photo, it was relocated to a dog-free part of the yard.

Garter snakes are born live, so this little one probably has some siblings (and maybe even a mom) hanging around.

Garters are also mildly venomous, but they don't have fangs so they like to keep chewing when they bite something.  People's response to the venom varies, in my experience, from a mild itch (me) to something resembling an allergic reaction (our daughter).

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  1. Very cute! Living in downtown Toronto as I do, I seldom see snakes and never around the house. However, my enterprising feral-born cats sometimes bring in discarded weather-stripping to play with.

    When I was a teen, I found a little snake about four inches long. I was carrying it around for a while and then noticed it had bitten me, or tried to bite me: the teeth didn't penetrate my skin. I gently disengaged it and let it go.


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