Thursday, March 10, 2011

Linguistics at the center of Everything

Actually, so is anthropology, but this makes the point nicely that linguistics is not a marginal subject area.


  1. Hi Ronald,

    I came by your blogspot via another professor's blog on the House Bill on tenure. I thought what you wrote was very thought provoking and relevant. I'm an ESOL Professor at FSCJ, so I was also interested in your post here on the diagram concerning linguistics is the center of everything.

    Do you have a reference for the diagram and where could I get an electronic copy? Without linguistic competence, our society could not function. In addition, all of the services that benefit us could not continue. It seems those who write our laws don't understand the consequences of their words.

    Thanks for posting interesting and fascinating topics.

    Catherine Rifkin

  2. Thanks for sharing these important information.


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