Friday, July 8, 2011

It's only "fraud" if you are poor?

In response to an online petition I signed yesterday, I just received an email from Florida Senator Bill Nelson.  The petition asked senators not to "balance the budget" on the backs of seniors and the poor.  The email included this [my emphasis]:

     While I support reasonable cuts to discretionary spending, it is clear that we cannot balance our budget through discretionary spending cuts alone. That’s why I am pressing my colleagues to support a comprehensive approach to deficit reduction that not only eliminates duplicative programs, but also reduces extraneous procurements and phases-out unnecessary and outdated tax breaks that only benefit a few large corporations. Furthermore, we must continue efforts to curb the fraud that plagues programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which costs taxpayers billions.

So, wait. The term "fraud" is applied to the elderly and the poor, who are the major recipients of Medicare (I am among them) and Medicaid.  Meanwhile, "large corporations" are only guilty of taking advantage of "tax breaks," which are presumably at least legal?
This is why I am not a registered Demoncrat.  Very few of them are significantly more moral than the Rethuglicans.


  1. I don't think that statement targeted all, or even most recipients of those programs...but rather those recipients who receive benefits improperly, that is, by means of some sort of fraud. If there is widespread fraud or corruption, of course it should be rooted out.

    Of course, we must depend upon the politican's definition of "fraud". I think your point is valid in that it merely takes a stroke of the politician's pen to make "illegal" into "legal".

  2. This is why I'm a INDEPENDENT, and hate all politicians and their parties. Historically both parties have literally 'gutted' this is government to the point where it only serves the rich and corporations at the expense of the vast majority of it people.


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