Sunday, January 6, 2013

God's grade inflation, and more...

Tomorrow is the start of classes at my school.  I'll be doing Linguistic Anthropology (36 students), Physical Anthropology (28 students), and an Introduction to Anthropology (127 students signed up, but the cap is 200).  These are all undergraduate classes: we have no graduate program in Anthropology.  And thus, no teaching assistants for grading, etc.

Meanwhile....  A couple of days ago a small plane carrying three people crashed into a home south of here.  The only survivor was the person who was at home.  She came out pretty much unscathed and declared "God is good."

Uh huh.  God puts four people in extreme jeopardy, kills three of them, and is pronounced "good."  I wouldn't give a student a "good" if they made 25% on a test. God must be benefitting from grade inflation.


  1. I always wonder why God is responsible for all the good stuff but never any of the bad stuff. No one says, "God's being a real dick today," but the slightest positive thing is always met with, "I'm so blessed." Then again, I wonder about most of the things religious people believe.

    As for starting the semester, did you see this article? Many of my adjunct buddies and I had a good belly laugh over that one.

  2. Yep. In this case, the best we can say is that God is incompetent and should be fired.


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