Saturday, April 7, 2012

What did Jesus look like?

I just recently stumbled upon this, and thought it worth spreading around a bit.  We're all familiar with the ever-present blond, blue-eyed interpretations of Jesus coming out of Western culture.  In 2002, Popular Mechanics (?!?) published a reconstruction of a more plausible Jesus.  The work was done by forensic artist Richard Neave; the details can be found in the online article.

Probably not much comfort for many of the white born-agains. And, if he were at the airport getting ready to board a plane,  the TSA would surely pull him aside for extra "scrutiny" (if you know what I mean).

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  1. According to Esaïas 53:2, it makes more sense. And when you know that Judas had to kiss Jesus to show the soldier which one it was, obviously, He was no so easy distinguishable from the others...If he would have been blond hair and blue eyes...they woulnd't even have asked!


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