Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New links

I have stumbled upon a handful of anthropology-related blogs that look promising (to me), and the links are added over on the right.  Here's a rundown, with blurbs taken from the blogs themselves:
  • Anthropologizing.  Featuring a mixed-bag of articles on anthropology, culture, consumption, and applied research methods by practicing anthropologist and customer experience researcher Amy L. Santee.
  • Anthropology Report.  The best and most recent updates from anthropology blogs, anthropology journals, books, and fresh news from anthropologists.
  • Appalachian Anthropology. A discussion of public anthropology in Appalachia.
  • Hominid Hunting.  At Hominid Hunting, we’ll consider the age-old question “Where do we come from?” by digging into the human fossil record and interpreting the clues recorded in our DNA. We’ll explore the science behind the latest discoveries, imagine how our ancestors lived and ponder the people, places and controversies that have shaped our understanding of human evolution.
  • Review of the Indigenous Caribbean.  Our aim is to provide a wide variety of news, views, and announcements concerning indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, past and present, and the wider indigenous world. In some cases we touch on broader political, economic, and cultural issues of regional and international import as they may affect local indigenous communities in the Caribbean.
  • Teaching Anthropology.  A discussion forum run by a seasoned Community College Instructor for those who want to share the pluses, minuses, rants, and fist bumps that come from teaching Anthropology at the undergraduate level. Gather up your pigs, yams, and banana leaf bundles and join the fun

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