Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The terrorism of the Homeland

Driving to work this morning, I listened to Diane Rehm on NPR. Some guests were contrasting the "terrorism" committed in Boston with the "industrial accident" in West, Texas.
I'm sorry, but the explosion in West, which killed 14 people and injured a couple of hundred, is an example of state-sponsored terrorism against the American people.  This is the terrorism of the capitalist mode of production, aided and abetted by sociopaths in government who don't believe in regulating potentially dangerous industries or in safe zoning laws to ensure that people aren't living and working in harm's way of these facilities.
We are in far more danger from this type of home-grown, structurally pervasive terrorism than we are from any Islamic jihadists.


  1. This brings up a good question that another blogger friend asked: Why is the media (and therefore everyone watching) so much more focused on Boston and the ensuing manhunt than on Texas? Now I see another dimension to this. We've come to accept fatal accidents as being a tragic but normal part of life for certain jobs.

  2. yes, yes, and yes!

    Tobacco products kill 434,000 Americans each and every year here in the United States. According to the CDC, Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the US. Add to that number other legal things like alcohol, guns, and vehicles- we don't "need" terrorists.

  3. [sarcasm] But how can the "job creators" care for the little people if they can't build chemical factories wherever they want to? Safety zoning just prevents people from having jobs. [/sarcasm]

    Your rightfully cranky post reminds me of this heinous article from slate.com, arguing that it's "OK" for over-exploited countries to have lax safety laws, because businesses are more profitable that way:



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